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Austria is divided in 9 "Laender" (Federate States). Each Land is divided in "Bezirke" (Districts) and "Statutarstaedte" (Statutary Towns) for a total of 96 second level entities. To identify this entity you can use Wikipedia. In 2013 some changes has been done in Styria (OE6): the Subdistrict of Bad Aussee was abolished and now is part of the Subdistrict of Liezen (LI). Bruck an del Mur and Muerzzuschlag merged into Bruck-Muerzzuschlag (BM); Judenburg and Knittenfeld merged into Murtal (MT); Hartberg and Fuerstenfeld merged into Hartberg-Fuerstenfeld (HF); Feldbach and Radkesburg merged into Suedoststeiermark (SO).